Saturday, June 17, 2017 on Painting

All Year Home Decor wants to know what do you do when deciding on paint colors? We want our readers to weigh in on this subject! We will take the style that the most readers use and have a blog on that style of picking paint - pros and cons.

Are you the person that brings home the paint card samples and tapes them to the wall to decide, in all types of light, if that is the color for you?

Paint Cards

Maybe you are the person that buys the sample paints and then paints part of the wall to help you decide?

So many paint choices.

Or maybe you are bold, you go in and get what you want and just paint the wall that color!

Painting the wall black!

We look forward to hearing from you! Do you have a style not listed above? Let us know!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Taking Your Living Space Outside

Do you love the outdoors? Does being outside make your heart happy? I know I love it and it makes my heart so happy! So what do we do to make the outside of our home just as comfortable and welcoming as the inside?

Just like inside our home we want to be mindful of placement of decor/furniture and to not over do it! If you have a large yard with a large deck or patio, make sure the outdoor furniture fits it; same goes for a small yard and patio!

Bistro Set
This Bistro Set is perfect for small intimate spaces.

Water features are a nice touch, with the tranquil sound of moving water for a calming end to your day! Placement is key with this outdoor decor, don't clutter the space and buy a feature based on the size of the space you are working in.

Pump and Barrel Fountain with Planters
A great water feature and add plant life know to keep the bugs away.

Remember just like your living room, your yard needs somewhere comfortable to sit. Relax the day away while you enjoy the beauties of the outdoors from your own backyard! There are many options to fit this criteria - outdoor lounge furniture, swings, chairs and of course dining tables of all kinds. Shop around and determine your tastes and what fits your space. Like the furniture inside your home, the outdoor furniture can add up in costs. Remember you want to buy what will last! Make your money work for you.

Garden Grove Wood Bench

Pine Garden Swing

You know you best! Do you like to entertain, or is your backyard your own little oasis and escape? Keep these things in mind when making over your outdoor living space! Have a project you are working on? We would love to see it, share with us in the comments below!

Friday, June 2, 2017 on the Top 5 Home Decor Mistakes

1.  Clutter

Obviously storage is great to hide the clutter, but what about the clutter that is your decor! Over doing it on shelves or sofa tables, or the way you put all your collectibles on that one wall! Keep it simple display some and rotate your collection to change it up a bit.

Cluttered Table Home Decor Don't
Chaos on a table

2.  TV Placement

The TV does not go in front of  a window so it can block out the light, or on a shelf where it looks out of place due to all the items surrounding it. Want a great look in your TV viewing area, place the TV on a wall (wall mounted if possible) with nothing behind it. This gives it a streamlined look, think of it as a piece of art hanging on your wall. Just like art we hang in our homes, lets remember to pick a TV that is proportional to the size of the room. Don't go too large or too small!

TV placed on a shelf

3.  Rugs

Now when it comes to rugs its best to keep the room balanced, don't pick a small floor mat of a rug for your large living space! Also its best not to ignore the rugs all together, that just leaves the room without warmth or that extra added pop of color or pattern that is to tie the decor together.

Lack of a rug leaves this room lacking.
Does this room feel warm?

4.  Colors

There is a lot to be said for color! Don't make your space to dark by forgetting or ignoring adding color! This can be done in a number of ways; accent walls, artwork, rugs, and throw pillows to name a few!

Gray with pops of white.
The white accents really lighten up this room.

5. Nails

Nails in your walls! Take the extra time to remove nails from the wall and patch the hole it left behind! Don't paint over the nails in the wall, because when you change up the style of the room you won't always hang things where they once hung. If you are changing up the wall decor a lot I suggest using 3M Command Hanging strips, then you won't have to worry about holes in your walls!

Nail in wall, Home Decor Don't

What home decor mistakes would you add to this list? Comment below and add pictures if you have them!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dorm, Décor, and Storage

Guest Blogger: Raegan Loftis, College of Charleston

Moving to college can be the most exciting time for a young adult. Moving to a new city, making new friends, and most importantly having a space to call their own. Luckily, I moved with my best friend where I was able to make an extremely cute dorm with someone who understood what a budget meant.

The first step we took in designing our dorm room was picking a color theme. I highly recommend doing this because you might not agree with your roommate on all style pieces, but sticking to a color scheme can make the space tie together but still allowing each personal styles to be shown.

The second step we decided was matching comforters and blankets. This was something so simple that made our room look matched. We each went out and got different pillows and wall accessories, but the basic bedding kept the perfect amount of shared aesthetic to make the room come together. I believe that you can get away without matching bedding and still have a successful dorm room, but look how cute these colors turned out!

We chose to do a light blue and gray to keep the room neutral but also have pops of color throughout. With two different personalities, we both made out walls unique to our own style. My side consisted of New York City themed wall décor, where my roommate pulled together a style of Paris and Polaroids. The key thing to realize is a number of differences we had in our room, but simple colors made this a perfect dorm room.

The third step is to make your side all about you! Being on a budget, I bought a few posters from Hobby Lobby and then brought pictures and décor from home to give my side a homey feel. This is very easy to do on a budget especially when ordering posters from Amazon, allowing for amazing deals and fast delivery. The two accent pillows were bought from Etsy, giving my style of traveling and photography to pop. Each aspect of my side was something I loved and was fun to see every day.

Under my bed, I kept my laundry basket, along 3 plastic containers that had 3 drawers in each. This was perfect for clothes that could not fit in the shared closet between my roommate and I. I highly recommend buying these from Wal-Mart, and even though they are a PAIN to move they create so much storage it is worth it. 

The fourth step includes getting the basics for the common area. This was actually the cheapest part of the dorm décor. We decided to design the bathroom are with unique glass bottles that we found at the dollar store. Everything pictured above including the bottles, mason jars, Q-tip holders, and more were found at the Dollar Tree or the Target dollar section. These simple pieces added a fun and colorful design to the bathroom areas and each piece only cost a dollar! Our makeup holders came from T.J. Maxx, and honestly we didn’t try to match these they were just so perfect we both grabbed them. In the entry way to our room, we grabbed the hanging clips from the sale online at Urban Outfitters.  

We happened to get some friends to come live with us in our dorm room, which made it so fun and lively. You don’t have to get a pet to have fun, but this shared cubicle literally made life extremely easy. We were able to hold a bunch of random things in the boxes creating easy but cute storage spaces.

Creating a dorm room can be pricey but check the dollar sections, create a plan with your future roommate, and pick your perfect style and you will have the perfect dorm room in no time!